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The Park Rocks Project

A local Mom shared the idea of painting rocks and hiding them in a park for others to find on one of my Mom Groups.  I feel this idea is PERFECT in many ways.  Not only was it supporting children to get out of the house this summer but it was making it so exciting for them.  If we support and engaged our children in the community it will help build a stronger and happier community. I don’t know about you but that’s the type of community I want my kids growing up in.

Here is the idea…

Get your kids together and paint some rocks.  Go to your favorite park and hide them for someone to find.  Then while you are out and about in your town make sure to keep your eyes open for painted Park Rocks.  If you find one you can bring it with you and hide it at the next park you visit.  Make sure to post it on a Mom group in the area, let’s get these kids out to all the parks in your area!

Now the Mom that opened my eyes to this great project started a group on Facebook call Wheaton IL Rocks and I’m sure there is something similar in your area.  If not start one get your community together while having some fun!

There is also a Kindness Rocks Project Check it out for more ideas and how to post where your rocks can be found.

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